Jessica May, Certified Personal Trainer & Transformational Nutrition Coach & owner of Mom is the New Strong & Meal Prep FIGHT Club

What if I told you that you could lose weight & get into the best shape of your life (even after having kids) without giving up your favorite foods or hours of cardio? All while getting your family to eat healthy with you!

After years of struggle, I finally figured out how to stay fit all year round without feeling deprived or sacrificing my health... all while being a busy mom.

Now I want to share this with YOU!

Meal Prep FIGHT Club is not another shiny weight loss promise...

You know deep down there is a better way to this whole weight loss thing but you just don't know what it is... You are ready to take the leap again but damn change is scary and you have every reason to be skeptical because you've lost count of how many times you have tried this whole healthy eating thing. 

You've tried every diet, wrap, pill, and networking marketing weight loss product out there! Sure you've gotten some results here and there but you struggled like hell to get the results and it didn't last long. Plus who wants mediocre results! 

Look I am not here to say losing weight or reaching your fitness goals or getting healthy is easy... hell I've been there and I know it's not.

But what I am saying is YOU can do it because all those times you failed in the past was NOT your fault!

Before when you were trying all those shiny weight loss promises you were not seeing the big picture. You were blinded by the promises of an easy way out. 

Reality check #1 - You realize now that there is no quick fixes to getting permanent, lasting results! No pill, no wrap, no shake alone that will truly change your health and fitness!

Reality Check #2 - You are now ready to take the leap to try something different because you are tired of being a weight loss squirrel (always chasing the next shiny weight loss promise)

Reality Check #3 - You are now open to trying a new way that may turn all your old thoughts about weight loss and healthy eating upside down. You are ready to get in there, set aside the BS and start a new chapter in your life.

 Stephanie, working mom of 2 boys 


Stephanie struggled with staying consistent long enough to see results but once she joined she was able to finally stick to her goals and has lost 47lbs!

If you are tired of dieting and want to start really living a healthy lifestyle this group is IT! And it helps that the recipes are yummy and something my family will actually eat with me!"

Judy found a family of encouraging and motivating women to support her!

she's always there to support you at any given time.
Judy, busy working mom of 2 kiddos.

Is Meal Prep FIGHT Club for you?

  • Tired of feeling out of control and lost when it comes to eating healthy. 
  • You realize that your nutrition is holding you back from your amazing transformation and you are tired of working out without seeing any results!
  • You are tired of yo-yo dieting and want to learn how to eat in a way that is not restrictive or miserable so that you can have permanent results that last a lifetime! 
  • You struggle with the hassle of fixing yourself separate healthy meals and want a way to eat healthy delicious meals WITH your family.
  • You struggle with staying consistent enough to see real results and could use the support and motivation to finally make this a lifestyle!

What does your membership include?

Weekly Meal Plans

Every Friday I release a meal plan for the upcoming week that includes a meal prep for your breakfast and lunches that can be done in an hour and a half or less + 5 healthy family friend dinners that will keep you on track with your fitness goals.

Healthy Family/Budget Friendly Recipes

I know how hard it can be to eat healthy when you have a family. You are trying to reach your fitness goals but find you have to cook yourself separate healthy meals because your family refuses to eat another dinner of boring chicken, veggies and rice. With my healthy hacked recipes you can stick to your fitness goals and have your family eat healthy with you! Plus my recipes average $3 a serving which makes eating healthy something that actually saves you money every week!

Recipes in My Fitness Pal Database

It's true that people that consistently keep a food journal see twice as much progress! But I totally get it that it can be frustrating and time consuming to enter in every ingredient for every meal. Plus there is such much inaccurate food entries in the My Fitness Pal database that make it really hard to know which foods are accurate. So I take the guesswork out of all this and make it super easy to keep a food journal by adding all my recipes to the My Fitness Pal database. Just search Mom is the New Strong + Recipe Name an bam that's it!

Monthly Challenges with Prizes

Every first week of the month is challenge week which is a way for you to re-spark your motivation for the new month.  Throughout the week you'll have the opportunity to gain points from participating in the group doing daily check ins, posting food pics, workout pics, inspirational and progress posts.  Each point is a ticket into a raffle where the winner gets a prize that will help her along her fitness and health journey.

Private FB Support Group

There is no questioning that you get better results when you have support. Especially if you are lacking that support from friends and family. You are going to need someone to be your cheerleader and be there to celebrate the small victories... or someone to help you stay motivated when you feel like giving up. This support group is all the support you need to make your goals a reality!

Support from a Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach 

One on one coaching with me can costs hundreds a month but with group coaching I can make my services more affordable. I want you to get results with a price point that you can afford in your monthly budget. So there are NO excuses for you to not reach your transformation!

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Every week I get on FB Live in the private FB Group to answer any questions, give support, motivation and talk about a topic that focused on what I see the group needs the most help with at that time. 

Plus... access to the Meal Prep FIGHT Club Membership Site!

The exclusive membership site includes....

  • Access to over 150+ (new recipes added every week) healthy, family/budget friendly recipes. All recipes I test out on my family before I add them and only add the ones that get hubby/kiddo approval.
  • Weekly Customizable Meal Plans with a customizable grocery list. Adjust serving sizes, add/delete items to your grocery list then virtually check off your items at the grocery store! 
  • A quick and easy Getting Started guide for all goals (weight loss, lean muscle gain or just healthy living)
  • Save your favorite recipes for easy to find access.
  • Access to my resource vault that includes all the cheatsheets, guides and progress trackers that I share with my one on one clients.
  • Access to my lists of kitchen, supplement and book recommendations. Everything you need to kick off your healthy new lifestyle with the best tools.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the yummy, healthy recipes that are included...

*If for some reason you don't find a healthier version of one of your family's family meals, just message me and I will personally healthy hack the recipe for you!

I know what you may be thinking...

I've already tried to lose weight or get fit and it didn't work. I guess this just isn't for me!

I just don't have time to meal prep or cook fancy, healthy meals!

No one in my family is going to eat a healthy!

All of these thoughts are self-sabotaging beliefs that are not true! Let me explain...

SELF-SABOTAGING THOUGHT #1: I can't lose weight! I understand you've probably tried many diets, shakes and weight loss programs without results or only to gain back the weight. BUT those programs were not for you! They only were an answer to one pice of the puzzle or just didn't fit your unique and busy mom life. This group is different because it's a full approach to living a healthy lifestyle that is made for busy moms like you! Plus this is an approach to weight loss that gives your body what it needs to work for you so that the weight loss comes naturally and with ease!

SELF SABOTAGING THOUGHT #2: I don't have time to meal prep or cook healthy meals. I'll actually show you that you don't have the time to NOT cook healthy meals. Majority of my recipes are made in 30 minutes or less. And by doing a weekly meal prep for lunches and breakfasts you will save hours during the busy week. All you need is 1 1/2 hours to meal prep your breakfast and lunches for the week. If you don't meal prep and it takes 15 minutes to cook breakfast and lunch every day that's 30 minutes a day x 5 days = 2 1/2 hours a week! You can actually cut that time in half every week by meal prepping! Because meal prepping means less time cooking, less dishes to wash and less time wasted worrying about what you are going to eat. Also, since you plan ahead and only go to the grocery store once a week, no more making trips during the week to pick up things for last minute meals. This alone could save you hours a week. Plus you'll have recipes that are quicker to make than driving to town to get fast food! I make it where there is NO excuses not to eat healthy no matter what your schedule looks like.

SELF-SABOTAGING THOUGHT #3 No one in my family will eat healthy. Most of the time when people think about eating healthy, they think about eating salads or boring, plain chicken breats. Sure you can choose to eat healthy the old skool way or you can learn how to prepare your family favorites using healthier ingredients. This is exactly what my recipes are based on. I love taking family favorites and turning them into healthier versions that will keep you on track with your health and fitness goals. My recipes include burgers, tacos, pizza, pastas and chinese food. I also include healthier desserts like chocolate chip cookie dough balls or cheesecake bites... that way you can even stay on track when you just need something sweet in your life... like when those dreaded time of the month cravings start! 

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

If you are not satisfied with your membership, get a complete refund within 30 days of your sign up date. I know my group is awesome but if it's not a right fit for you I totally understand and I'll honor this 30 day money back guarantee. Just simple email me at or shoot me a private message on Facebook.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:
  • Is this group for me if I am gluten-free, dairy-free or follow a paleo, keto or whole30 way of eating?
    My recipes follow a low-moderate carb and high protein approach which can fit perfectly with diets like keto, whole30 or paleo. Alot of my recipes are already gluten and diary free but I can help you make any modifications needed! The only kind of diets that may be tricky with my meal plans are vegan and vegetarian diets.
  • What if I don't want to lose weight and want to gain lean muscle. Is this group for me?
    Yes! I will help you create an eating plan that is based on your specific goals, whether that is gaining lean muscle or weight loss. I have experience with both.
  • Do I have to count macros to be in this group?
    I do promote macro counting and provide alot of support for it BUT you don't have to do it to get great results or to be in this group. It is not necessary but it does help to increase results. 
  • How much support will I have?
    You will have tons of support in the private FB group from myself and from the other ladies. I check in on the group multiple times a day. I am also available through private message on FB or through email to answer any questions you may not feel comfortable sharing in the group.
  • What if I don't want to be a member anymore?
    You can cancel at anytime without any cancellation fees. You can also rejoin again at anytime. There is also a money back guarantee for the first 30 days. So if for any reason you are unhappy with the group or if you realize it's not for you, then I give a complete refund within the first 30 days of your membership. Just simply message me on Facebook or email me at

I am confident that if you put in the effort you WILL get the results! Give me the chance to show you what living a healthy lifestyle is REALLY all about!

- Jessica May

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